Ad Network


Advertisers minimum deposit just €10, easy and fast payments with Paypal. (Paypal fees will be applied: 3.4% + €0.35).

CPC starting from €0.01, you are free to choose and change the ppc offer of any of your ads anytime.

Easy Setup!

Fast access to your advertiser options, in a few clicks you will have everything done!

Choose between General and Adult content. For example, publishers with an adult website will restrict their ads to just Adult, in order to hit exactly customers interested in Adult content.

Monitor your Ad Campaign checking clicks and impressions.

Antifraud system to protect advertisers: the same IP will be counted as a click only one time, and unlocked one week later. Other algorithms validate each click. The whole system will be monitored to detect any suspect activity.


Check the "Adult" box if your ad displays nudity, sex, or adult content in general.

The banners uploaded must be max 100 KB.

The banners uploaded must be jpg, jpeg, png or gif formats.

No ads pointing to malicious ads, sites, or apps are allowed.

No ads with offensive or inappropriate content are allowed.

No ads promoting racism or terrorism are allowed.