Ad Network


Minimum Payout just €30, compared to €100 of the most famous ad network.

Keep 80% of what the Advertiser pays, compared to 51-68% of the most famous ad network. (Paypal fees will be applied: 3.4% + €0.35).

Easy Setup: you just need to copy the code provided to you and paste it in your website.

Choose among General content, Adult, or both type of ads allowed on your website. This option is available on your control panel so you don't have to change the codes in your website to update the rating.

Instant approving system: once you created your publisher account, you can start adding banners on your website, without waiting for any approval. Keep in mind that you should respect the rules on the bottom of this page or your account will be blocked.

Very light banners that do not slow down your page: the code provided to you has just 2 basic functions to retrieve the ad to display and if clicked forward the information to a php script on our server. Banners are also restricted to a maximum of 100 KB each.

Payments between 1 and 7 business days.


Do not click on your ads.

Do not ask people to click on your ads.

Do not use softwares to provide fake clicks.

Keep enough margin between the ad and your buttons to avoid accidental clicks.

Do not add our banners if your website don't have a minimum of REAL content, the amount of content should be higher than the amount of ads.

Do not put more than one banner per type per page, maximum 3 banners in total per page.

Do not try to cheat the system or your account will be deleted.

If you fail respecting the rules mentioned above, your account may be suspended or deleted.