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Ad Network Minimum Payout just €30.

Advertiser Keep 80% of what the Advertiser pays.

Publisher Easy and fast access to your Publisher options.

Ads Choose among General content, Adult, or both type of ads to display on your website.

Classified ads Instant approving system.

Banners 89AM Ad Network provides very light banners that do not slow down your page.


Online advertising Minimum Deposit just €10.

Cpc CPC starting from €0.01.

Best ads Easy Setup.

Ad Fast access to your ad options.

Online ads Choose between General and Adult content.

Click 89AM Ad Network has an antifraud system: the same IP will be counted as a click only one time.
Other algorithms validate each click.
All clicks are monitored.

Classified ads

Are you looking for some classified ads? 89AM Ad Network is the right place where to buy ads starting from 0.01€ per click. Everything can be handled very easily and fast using the controls provided in your account, you can also display your ad to adult websites or general ones, depending on the content of it.

Best ads

Publishers will have a huge advantage buy using this advertising network, no other network offers 80% of the total revenue, the most famous one will offer only up to 60-65%. The banners displayed are the best ads for several reasons, for example they are limited to just 100KB each and the code provided to display is really light. This will let your website load fast without slowing down everything, a very useful thing also because faster websites are ranked higher on search engines.

Online advertising

If you tried other types of online advertising, you will be surprised how well our online ads work. No more hours wasted to try setting up a campaing with complex stuff, banners slowing down your website, everything can be done in a couple of minutes! Don't wait more and register a publisher or advertiser account to improve your business!

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